Tree Rigging
Tree Removal
Hedge Trimming in South Surrey

As a Contract Tree Climber I provide services for all residential and commercial that standard tree service company would do but a way cheaper rate with NO CLEAN UP JOBS,(will be offering new services February 2020 with a full tree service - chipper on the way!) allowing the client finding another way himself or hiring a clean up crew to finish the job. I am a Certified Arborist already done work with West Towers, Walmark Homes, Executive Homes, Fortis Gas, Main roads, Spca/Humane Society.


I have over 15 years of experience working in the tree industry. I have attended multiple Arbor master classes in Canada as well as other training events in safety. I have worked as a contract climber for at least 10 years services in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley Area. But for the past 13 years I have also owned a Hedge / Tree Care Company. Other companies have repeatedly called me when they have difficult jobs that they need done in a timely manner.

Climbing and Rigging Gear

I have at least two climbing lines, all of the modern tools to set up all types of climbing systems, multiple throw lines, lowering lines, multiple blocks, a 4:1 mechanical advantage system, a lowering device, and everything necessary to set up a speed line.

Chain Saws

My saws are well maintained, sharp, and are all I need to prune or get most trees on the ground. I show up with at least one top handled climbing saw, a Stihl ms441 with a 28" bar for making larger cuts or falling trees, and Stihl ms362 with a 25" bar for bucking all firewood. We also use the best pole saws, hedge trimmers, and pole pruners.

Personal Protective Equipment

My safety is very important to me. For that reason I use and wear top of the line safety equipment. Whenever I am on a jobsite I always wear chainsaw protective pants, safety glasses, hardhat, and ear protection. Also my ground guys wear safety helmets and high visible vests.

Self Contained

I drive a reliable vehicle that holds all of the equipment, tools, and clothing that I need.

Our Prices

As most single trees starting at $250-$2000 depending on where it's located and what's beside it or near it. A Tree Service company make there money from the debris clean up. Ask about our half and full day rate! We have a Quick Service with Top Quality Equipment. Just Remember we do No Clean Up Jobs for more affordability.


We carry a $2,000,000.00 general liability. WCB #

Services We Offer

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming and Canopy Lifts
  • Tree Pruning (Shaping and dead wood clearing)
  • Hedge Trimming (up to 30 feet)
  • Tree Topping (Crown Reduction)
  • Brush Slashing (Around Towers, Fences and Property Lines)
  • Service Line Clearing
  • Bucking and Ivy Removal
  • Cat Stuck in Tree or Drone - We Can Help!